Build it up

Boots in the water. Don’t matter shake it off.
Bout to rip the day. Only words that I can say.
I can’t look around without risking the crown.
Time gets old when actions rot like mold.
Don’t call me to waste time cuz you’re not worth mine.
Don’t call me if you’re scared to speak the truth when I dare.
With each spring in your rings you act like a fiend.
I don’t have the time and my smile’s full of grime.
My games are strict to the rules; you won’t think I’m cool
cuz my words are thicker than fur and what they can Build Up will definitely hurt.


The love for MLK Jr. carried on

As we come together to carry on,
we remind each other – “look up, be strong.”
The yelling, the hate, the words we know are wrong
it’s all just evil, but with faith
I’ll make sure you hold on.
We know we’re just blood and beings
who try, and some gave up trying
so angry grew their cries.

But hush them with love,
with hope from above
in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
For the king and the lord,
peace on our hearts is worn.

Be honest and stop stealing people’s time

Today as I did what people always say will get you in trouble, I came upon a revelation.
If my ex boyfriend had broken up with me instead of cheating, I would’ve met my current boyfriend months sooner.
This all came to me in the middle of the early morning. Scrolling through old photos is always scary when it’s other people’s social media profiles because you can accidentally “like” a photo and show off that you were doing some stalking. But have you ever been disgusted creeping down your old posts?
I had just read a post from Cassie the Blogilates trainer, and she was embracing her natural body as provided by her genetics which she showed appreciation for with a throwback photo of her as a healthy and happy young girl. So I went to the quickest place where I’d find some old images of myself – my own Instagram. Older pics of baby Ri were a bit down the profile, but once I found the couple of chubby faced photos, I was in love with my miniature confidence and grand smile, even as a girl. Since I was amused, I wanted to go back down the comments and see what other’s thought of little old me.
The comments varied from laughs, to heart eyes and nicknames.

But the last comment stopped my heart. An old, affectionate comment from an ex boyfriend.
The date of the image posted was three months after he had sex with multiple women behind my back during the long distance duration of our relationship.
We started dating at the new year, and in March he went to attend flight attendant training in Atlanta then moved to Boston for a permanent position. While he was gone I sent him money to survive, communicated with his parents, and listened to his worries about being far from his dying grandmother who was suffering from cancer. In May I was in a near death experience that gave him the chance to be the hero in that moment as EMTs depended on him to communicate with my family at my time of need.
That same week, I’d later find out, was the time of one of his affairs. Of course I never knew, so I invited him down to stay at my family’s house over the summer and even went to visit him in ATL and Florida.

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#fbf I prefer my toes in the sand

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I met more of his family that summer. Practically everyone related to him after he’d done his dirty deeds. Hid grandmother, his mom, nephews, cousin and father.
What’s funny is if you listen, especially to those hurt, and crying out about their past, you’ll see how they’re so broken they can’t even help themselves to stay straight.
Lol the flight to see him in Florida . . . was the worst trip of my life. The turbulence was enough to make me sick, I had anxiety from so much mistrust I had (seeing snaps between him and women, learning his ex had text him while he was over in TX to see me) lol it was just a sign of how bad my nerves were jumping. While we were in the wildest state in the west I was even stranded in the middle of the night at an airport because of connection issues. What a mess.
Come the summer in that month of August, I didn’t know our relationship had already been broken, officially since May. Four months of foul lies. I’m glad we were apart in a long distance relationship so I couldn’t be lied to in my face.

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🎈He's 25🎉💥 #birthdaybitch 💓

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Those four months I was working hard at my job, but I was also partying hard to and sometimes crashing at my brother’s house, which was about 13 minutes from my job. Those four months I was stopping by, I met his roommate. A young Caucasian male with the stature of a soccer player. Opposite of who I was dating at the time. What’s funny is the roommate was met the cheating flight attendant one time – we were all in the same room near town at my brother’s townhouse. I, of course, being the amazing girl friend that I am, got tickets to a Houston Astros baseball game, and took my ex as my date the one time he was in town (same time he stayed at my parents house in the summer.) That game day was the day I saw the roommate again. I  even heard him speak. But what if my ex wasn’t there? Turns out that roommate is now my current boyfriend!
After that August trip to Florida, “God” told the flight attendant to do so and he finally came truthful, setting all my nerves off the charts. After a funny life of abandonment that was the first time trauma hit me. Over a Facetime. I was then free from infidelity! Two and a half months later. I found comfort in someone who was technically around me my whole life without me knowing.
Since my brother’s roommate was around during the summer of 2015 when I was right out of college, how did I not figure, maybe, just maybe, he and my brother were also friends lol. Turns out they were friends since elementary, sports mates, and party buddies throughout high school. I had never known, and now we’ve been together 3 years. It could’ve been sooner, but the day I welcomed the flight attendant over to my brother’s house for pregame, that was the turning point. It’s weird to think that things just months before that game in July, could’ve been different that whole summer if my ex had just been honest and broken up with me instead of cheating and wasting my time and traumatizing me.
Quotes and everyone says that people come into your life for reasons; It’s funny to think the reasons and timing of those moments when people cross your paths as one story ends and another begins.


Resting, let me live.
Must I always be over stimulated?
When I am, it’s not taken seriously.
Like quit the judging.
who knows,
but if she is let her call herself that.
Stop judging my peace and calm demeanor
and genetics.
It’s not even a real adjective for a person.
My face doesn’t live by my emotions.
Everyone admires Mona Lisa.
What about the real Alyssa?
Face the fact that people aren’t books
meant to be read.
My exterior may be scarier than my spirit.
Don’t let that make you look stupid.

House Set [Freestyle Poem]

The relationship

is specific.

The flow, terrific.

Your ears feel

and send notes to the mind.

Move the waist,

twist the legs,

get romantic, and close your eyes.

Your movement is the prize.

You’re hooked to the beat,

you rise with the wave.

Close your eyes.

Be the rave.

The narrow view of Mexico through vlogs and journalism

Since I’ve been in school, and since I can recall any presidencies any time someone brought up mexico, the following words were either wall or wetback. I grew up learning to have pride in my Mexican blood from what I learned from my mom and family – I’m proud to come from a rich culture.

Youtube is great for jamming out, using podcasts to cool down, but sometimes I like to use it to learn. One day I opened up Youtube and wanted to learn some Mexican history, watch a video and soak it in. But to my disappointment I had to click through about 12 pages of drug cartel videos, drug gang thumbnails, and plenty of raid/immigrant stories. This felt like a propaganda pull.

I’m not a fan of violence, but will watch an ugly truth. But not that day. I just wanted to see a history lesson. I came across a cool video about modernizing classic sculptures influenced by the Fantastic Beast movie. The animals created are also relevant to the Hogwarts Mystery game.


Other than that I saw ONE food vlog and two or three poorly made “documentaries” that were impossible to get into.

Sometimes it’s motivating to learn hidden secrets or a cool past, or feature about the country of your ancestors. Whether that is only meant for history books, I think we should at least incorporate the beauty that continues to grow. When I think about Mexico I think about markets in Oaxaca, the reddest entomatadas from Mexico City, I think about the historic pyramids and lovely music.

We have to search for the good, sad in today’s info filled world.


A big thank YOU!

I’ve recently received some good news and the outside response has been so warm, welcoming, and thankful.

To take others compliments I always try to remain humble and thank them for their part in my achievements. But when you get congratulated it’s always easy to think about where you came from. Today I’m choosing to savor being where I am today. If you believe you are in God’s favor he will show you on his time that you are.

Winning feelings feel great. But it feels even better when you’re known and recognized for what you’ve worked through and learned. Always remember you’re working towards something – more than money, a reputation, and  a resume. Think of those future winning feelings. Focus on on living in that winning moment and making that attitude carry onto every project you work on! Even if that’s just yourself.



Black November – Find a Cause

It’s sickening how brainwashed America, (or I don’t know how many countries,) is into thinking murdering tons of turkeys every year to celebrate a false holiday is appropriate. The taste of turkey can’t be that worth it.

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Thinking of the infinite slaughter is a sad loss of animals that were born to die a cruel death and be eaten. I don’t want to participate in any causes or watch any commercials about delicious turkey day. It’s pointless and just marketing for the season. You can do plenty with produce of the season and buy accordingly without turkeys.

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It’s made me want to black out this November and every November until the wasteful wave is over. How can we really continue to parade murder around?

Happy Fall!

A new season has finally arrived and you can feel it and see it in the air. It’s been hot in Houston the past week, almost as hot as an August day. Which is pretty rough.

But now, the leaves are falling off some trees and there is supposed to be a cool, then a cold front coming through the next weekend. It’s always refreshing to get a glimpse of a softer side of what’s to come.

This fall my household is making things more festive in some simple ways every day.

First we started the house off with our seasonal Candied Pecan candle from Yankee Candles. We used that one through the end of September and busted out the Sugar and Spice pumpkin candle once October came around.

October is our anniversary month and we both love things spooky so the decor is fun all around. Next to spruce up the house I got some fall themed signs that feature leaves and a cute ceramic pumpkin. That tiny spotted pumpkin inspired a lot so far. It’s sitting at the front of the house next to a handwritten sign, “Falling Leaves and Pumpkins Please,” near the front door. So every step inside is a special one.

My boyfriend and I are still young renters so we think pretty smart with our money and save things. So we were able to pull out a spooky skeleton decoration, and a bobble head black cat. To finish off the fall theme in our rather rustic and preppy home, I bought he and I two ten pound pumpkins. One is planted on our dining table (replacing bright flowers I had in the summer,) and the other is sitting with the black cat at the entertainment system.

I was never the type to enjoy spending two whole days unpacking, unwrapping, stuffing and sticking decorations all over the yard and the front of the house. I’m not sure why. But the whole process was much, and more like a chore, but it helped me get into the spirit of fall.

It’s great to have a partner with similar home styles as you. We keep our decorations clean, no sparkles or webs, and enjoy a natural yet organized placement to our home accents.

I hope that this month you can appreciate the colors, smells, and warm comfort of October. What ever helps you make your house cozy, whether a little or a lot, can help you appreciate and fall in love with the season.

Opposites Attract

How can two opposites attract so well?

Sure, we have the same fun things in common, but so does most of our generation.

We’re just willing to tolerate each other.

But what gets me is how different, maybe not opposite you are from me. I’ve been trying for two days now to try and update my Apple Watch to the latest iOS, I would tell you the number but I’m not even downloading to the latest yet, just to keep up with you. Once the drop was announced he checked all our product series capabilities. When it dropped, you soon updated yours in a frenzy so you wouldn’t be waiting any longer than the four hour you had to to update both your phone and watch. You’re so meticulous about that watch. I only have my watch because you scraped your old one then gave it to me. Before I was wearing an old gold Guess watch, which recently died after maybe four years of service. You since bought yourself a newer version, scratched it, and tried with two types of protectors to preserve your screen. Either way, as much as we both hate technology you are up to date on it all. And here I am, two days after you with an updated watch and iPad but, sadly still waiting to update my watch again so we can walk-in talkie!

I do think technology and its advancements are astounding and make sense in a functioning world but on a personal level, I know there will always be troubles with a model as new ones come out and I – I just don’t care about troubleshooting.

Thanks for pushing me to keep up and really utilize my products beyond their basic tools. I’m a classic composition, favorite pen, planner type of gal and you’re a notes, touch screen, calculator app type of guy.